What is maltitol and what is it used for?

Blasi wants to answer these questions so that all our customers do not hesitate to buy a product containing this ingredient.

  • The maltitol used by Blasi is a product considered as safe to eat and it is obtained from the distillation of starches and in our case from corn. We use it to sweeten the chocolate that we label without added sugars so that our diabetic customers can take it, since maltitol has approximately half the calories (2.4Kcal/100gr) of normal sugar (4 Kcal/100gr).
  • It is a non-cariogenic product, which means that once ingested, it does not facilitate the formation of acids in the mouth, thus avoiding caries.
  • Another virtue of this ingredient is that it absorbs more slowly than conventional sugar, which greatly reduces glucose and insulin in the blood.
  • It is important to take care when consuming a lot of maltitol because it causes laxative effects. In our case, the amount to eat daily is 50g of chocolate per day, but Blasi always advises its clients to eat 15g (three portions of the 100g chocolate tablets) per day, which is the ideal amount to take advantage of all the benefits that cocoa provides.
  • This product, as a corn distillate, does not contain gluten and is not exposed in the manufacturing process to contamination or traceability of conventional flours.
  • To end with, it is known that maltitol has a bad reputation for being a chemical product. But, you must consider that Blasi would never use any product or ingredients that could affect its customers, and as mentioned before, there are many types of processes to make maltitol. But the one we use is through the distillation of corn, the same operation used to make alcohol.
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