Welcome to Blasi

My name is Xavier Cordomí Font and I represent the fourth generation of a family of chocolate artisans from Barcelona who has 143 years of business history. I am the spokesperson for Chocolates Blasi and I am pleased to welcome you on this website, a fact that fills me with pride for all the illusion deposited on it.

The creation of this website has not been easy because of the large number of products we have and we wanted to emphasize the dissemination of this generous and passionate business, at the same time.

In this new site we have introduced the online store where you can buy most of the products we make. As I say, we have not put all our products up for sale online, as some may lose their quality and Blasi always puts customers ahead to enjoy all the products. You will see that Barcelona capital it is the only place where we sell the chocolates online since the transport we use is our own or the delivery is personally made. For the rest of the populations, they can only be placed in the shopping cart the following products: tablets, soluble, creams or specialties. As a chocolate maker, I feel bad that I cannot serve chocolates and other products to all my clients or future clients, but I am sure that one day I will be able to serve all over the world and you can enjoy our products without losing quality.

To make this website I have had the great help of my children, Xavi, Sergi and Pau, who have been in charge of taking all the photos and coordinating with the Soyuz Graphic Propulsion company, together with the Keyweo company. Everyone has created this page with the same enthusiasm so you can enjoy and buy the products.

In addition, I am very lucky to have my wife Montse, who is in charge of the Blasi store and is in charge of selling and explaining our products to customers, along with Alba’s help.

As you can see, we are a small family business that has passed from our parents to their children without interruption in our Spanish state, a trajectory that you will see reflected on this website. This project gives us the opportunity to share our business with you and you will see that, over time, we will be adding new proposals to make it increasingly didactic.

I thank you, without further ado, for sympathizing with chocolate and for wanting to know our small business.


Xavier Cordomí Font